My Favourite Fighter: Floyd Mayweather Jr

My Favourite Fighter: Floyd Mayweather Jr By Nathan Cartwright Fans are drawn and remain hooked to boxing for many different reasons. Some gain their admiration for the art from the atmosphere of their first live event, others may have taken up the sport at a young age and can appreciate the competitiveness. But for me, … Continue reading My Favourite Fighter: Floyd Mayweather Jr

Mayweather vs McGregor: On Reflection

Mayweather vs McGregor: On Reflection We are now two years removed since the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight took place. My opinion hasn't changed one bit, it shouldn't have got sanctioned, but as ever money talked, as it always does. Since the fight McGregor has been in the headlines largely for unsavoury reasons, his … Continue reading Mayweather vs McGregor: On Reflection