My Favourite Fighter: Floyd Mayweather Jr

My Favourite Fighter: Floyd Mayweather Jr

By Nathan Cartwright

Fans are drawn and remain hooked to boxing for many different reasons. Some gain their admiration for the art from the atmosphere of their first live event, others may have taken up the sport at a young age and can appreciate the competitiveness. But for me, as I am sure many others, it was the love of a family member that initially drew me to the sport.

When I turn up red-eyed, through lack of sleep from staying up for a main event from the weekend to work on a Monday morning, my colleagues think I am crazy and ask me why I so passionately follow the sport? And the answer is easy.

Boxing is the only sport or viewing entertainment that can give you an adrenaline rush that ranges from euphoria to frustration within 36 action-packed minutes. For sure, not every fight is thrilling, but I like many others are willing to stay awake until the early hours of a Sunday in hope of capturing a classic live.

Boxing brings friends and families together and has strangers discussing upcoming events on the streets up and down the country, this sport really draws you in like no other.

For me, the intrigue grew at a very young age. My grandfather had boxes of VHS recordings of the fights from the greats including Ali, Tyson, Duran, Cooper and I would spend hours trawling through these videos re-watching the best fighters and fights of the last 50 years.

I must’ve watched the trilogy of fights between Ali and Frazier over 100 times, and each time my grandfather’s eyes would light up as if he were watching the action for the very first time, I knew at this point boxing had an extraordinary pull.

Everyone has that one fighter and exact fight that remains fond in their minds that were a pivotal moment when they became lifelong fans.

It has been challenging for me to choose my favourite fighter, I had a shortlist of 20 that ranged from Ali, Leonard, Calzaghe to Canelo, and I could’ve easily picked anyone on that list.

But after much debate with myself, I decided on Floyd Mayweather Jr, a modern great and who for sure will go down in the history books as one of the greatest ever.

I could go into great detail about Mayweather’s accolades and achievements, but the facts and records speak for themselves.

Mayweather persona undoubtedly splits opinion to this day, but his dominant and elegant displays against many world champions at different weight categories can’t be dismissed.

All fans love to watch and rock ’em and sock ’em type action fights (myself included), but as many say, this sport is an art form, and Mayweather in action is one of the best to perform it.

I appreciate how lucky I am to have grown up during the era of one of the all-time pound for pound kings and was even able to watch his second fight against Marcus Maidana live in Vegas. A moment shared with my closest friends and family that I will remember forever.

Since visiting Vegas, boxing has remained one of my most prominent passions. I have attended many live events, competed in a white-collar charity match and even currently judge for Welsh Boxing amateur shows, all for the love of the sport.

You will find me most Saturday nights/Sunday mornings, sometimes with friends, sometimes alone, screaming in support or in utter despair following the action live and for this reason amongst many others, I will forever love the sport.

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