Mayweather vs McGregor: On Reflection

Mayweather vs McGregor: On Reflection


We are now two years removed since the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight took place. My opinion hasn’t changed one bit, it shouldn’t have got sanctioned, but as ever money talked, as it always does.

Since the fight McGregor has been in the headlines largely for unsavoury reasons, his one ‘proper’ fight ended in defeat and a post fight brawl.

In regards to Mayweather despite rumours, Mayweather is still retired, one more money making charade, which was more an act of a playground bully, is all we’ve seen of Mayweather in a ring. 

But all these months on, what do we think now of Mayweather vs McGregor?

Despite the millions all parties got for the fight, most wouldn’t call it that, a circus that fooled us all, there was much at stake for both Mayweather and McGregor and of course boxing and MMA, reputations were most definitely on the line.


Mayweather, the self-proclaimed best ever, he isn’t by the way, his reputation would never have recovered from a defeat to someone from another sport making his professional boxing début, the damage to his legacy would have been permanent.

Even a life and death struggle would have harmed his reputation and his right to even be in the conversation for the mythical greatest ever.

McGregor had his own pressures of course, if he had suffered a quick stoppage loss or even a one-sided embarrassing points defeat, the damage to his reputation and his sport, while not permanent, would have taken some time to recover. Although events since have done more to harm his reputation.

I think on reflection, all parties just about got away with it.

Mayweather won comfortably enough, I still don’t think he carried McGregor as some will strongly argue. Mayweather did what he always did, he let the storm pass, and put on the pressure once the danger had passed, to force the stoppage and walk away from the sport with a 50-0 record.


As for McGregor, he was competitive early, although Mayweather doing practically nothing in the early rounds was almost certainly the reason for the success McGregor had early.

But even taking that into consideration McGregor surprised many, and left the ring with at least some respect from the boxing world, begrudgingly in some cases of course. For the purpose of money, the two worlds formed an uneasy temporary alliance.

McGregor even now talks of a rematch convinced he could win a return, it won’t happen, it shouldn’t happen, but then the first fight shouldn’t have happened.

We saw a softer ageing Mayweather against a novice boxer, all the hype couldn’t hide what it actually was.

The millions McGregor earned robbed him of the hunger, the obsession for combat sports dwindled. The return at UFC 229 against his bitter rival ended by a tap in 4 rounds. McGregor learnt that sport waits for nobody, not even him. Time will tell if his days at the top are over.

As for Mayweather he finished his career in the most cynical way. A fantastic fighter, certainly one of the best we have ever seen, but the last few fights of his career we didn’t need to see.

Mayweather vs McGregor wasn’t the embarrassment it could have been, and as I said earlier, they just about got away with it, but only just.

We all tuned in to see what would happen, even though we knew exactly what would happen.


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