Floyd Mayweather: Playing With Fire

Floyd Mayweather: Playing With Fire

By Henry Walter

Former multi-weight boxing champion Floyd Mayweather seems determined to continue to risk his legacy with more pointless, yet financially lucrative, exhibition bouts.

Mayweather, now 45, has never seemed to quite know what to do with himself in retirement. Since exiting the sport in 2017, with an unblemished 50-0 record, Mayweather has taken part in an array of exhibition bouts. The most recent of which was a farcical bout with the far bigger YouTuber Logan Paul, where Mayweather was clearly disappointed not to win via KO.

Mayweather’s post boxing life has seemed to lack a firm sense of direction and like so many ex-champions he keeps allowing himself to be lured back to the ring, kidding himself that he’s still fully retired as long as he calls the contests exhibitions.

The opponent for this latest venture, one Don Moore, is a club fighter at best with no notable names on his record. The 42-year-old has been carefully selected by the ever canny Floyd to make him look good. Ultimately, Mayweather can be as careful as he likes. But sooner or later if he keeps competing he will pick one fight or “exhibition” too many and will taste an embarrassing defeat. Moore can punch (12 KOs in 18 wins) but it’s highly doubtful he will land much on Mayweather, yet if Floyd continues to play with fire one day somebody will.

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