Sandy Ryan Loses On Points To Erica Farias

Sandy Ryan Loses On Points To Erica Farias

For Sandy Ryan it was very much a rude welcome to the world of professional boxing at the highest level. Ryan jumped many levels against the world class Erica Farias and came up short in Nottingham over 10 excellent hard-fought rounds.

The former two-weight world champion was too much for Ryan who should not be written off after suffering her first defeat in just her fourth professional fight. But there will need to be lessons learned.

Somehow Michael Alexander, had it 97-93 for Ryan, and even in a time of expected bad scorecards, this was a shocker. But Steve Gray and Bob Williams restored some much-needed balance by seeing it for Farias by scores of 97-94 and 95-94. Sometimes we have to be satisfied with the right fighter winning.

Ryan was out-fought and out-punched for enough of the rounds to have little complaint about the scoring. In many ways, she will learn plenty from this sobering experience.

Farias was perhaps unfairly written off in the hype train that follows Ryan. At 37, Farias showed she is far from finished. Almost certainly, Farias will be brought back over for the British fighter to try and exact her revenge.

In periods Ryan showed her quality, but Farias made it her type of fight, and is the type of fighter that is best avoided. Ryan deserves credit for taking the challenge, and even in defeat, the experience might do her a favour in the long-term.

Photo Credit: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

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