Raven Chapman: “Under the lights as a pro is where I am meant to be, this is where I have fun, this is what I live for.”

Raven Chapman: “Under the lights as a pro is where I am meant to be, this is where I have fun, this is what I live for.”

By Lucy McDonald

“Under the lights as a pro is where I am meant to be, this is where I have fun, this is what I live for” – Raven Chapman claims victory with a first-round KO victory at York Hall on Friday night. 

Raven ‘The Omen’ Chapman stunned spectators at York Hall last night with a first-round knockout victory over the normally durable veteran Gabriella Mezei.  

Having recently signed with Frank Warren, Chapman became the first female to fight under the Queensbury banner since Olympic gold medallist and former WBO world flyweight champion, Nicola Adams in 2019.  

Unbeaten in two professional fights prior, this was Chapman’s first appearance after signing with Queensbury. Although she was forced to wait a little longer than expected to make her first outing, it was certainly worth the wait.   

“Obviously, I had the postponement, so I just got stuck in at the gym and by the time this night came around I was fitter and strong. Unfortunately, the opponent that I was meant to have was an unbeaten prospect from Italy and that fight didn’t end up going ahead. Hopefully, in my next fight, I can get that step up and continue the momentum.

“Everything that we are doing is a stepping stone to get to that final goal which is of course a world title. We’ve looked at the best fighters in the division and that’s the aim. Everything that we are working on is a stepping stone to get there. In each camp, obviously, I am getting fit for that fight, but with each camp, it builds on, I get fitter and fitter every time, so when I ultimately get that world title shot, I’ve got all that experience behind me and all of those hours in the gym behind me.” 

Women’s boxing is currently in the best place it has ever been. The likes of Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano were smashing records left, right and centre in their iconic battle only a few weeks ago at Madison Square Gardens. In signing with Queensbury, Chapman is paving her own way in the sport and opening up a new platform for female fighters with big dreams like herself. Although this is an exciting opportunity, and exactly what she wanted from her professional career, the 28-year-old also indicated that, with this big break, also brings with it a huge amount of pressure and responsibility.  

“It is exactly what I wanted, having this platform and being the only female means that I can really build myself up and plant myself as a major player game on this platform. Ultimately, of course, yeah, the pressure is there as well. I try not to think about it, but I think I handle that pressure pretty well. I thrive under pressure and today I have been able to show that, and what I am about, and that I’ve got that power. Under the lights as a pro is where I am meant to be, this is where I have fun, this is what I live for.” 

Now 3-0, the Brit dominated the fight from the opening bell. It was clear that her fanbase was out in force to see it happen and brought their loudest voices with them. This big statement win proves that Raven really is an evil omen, and the potential world-class opposition is now firmly on notice.  

“Obviously I wanted to make a big statement and show what I am about. I wasn’t going out looking for the stoppage, of course, we wanted one, but normally when you go out and you look for one that is when it doesn’t happen. I could see straight away that I could get on top of her, so I just built that pressure. As soon as I saw that she didn’t want it, I could see it in her eyes, I jumped on it. It was a lot quicker than I had expected and I thought I’d get at least two or three rounds under my belt, but I can’t complain about that. 

“I want to get out as many times as Frank can get me out this year. There are a few shows coming up in the next few weeks, and after that, you’ve got the Joe Joyce-Joseph Parker card which would be a huge card to be on which I’d love to be on. So, hopefully, I will push for that if I can’t get anything sooner. I still need to build up that ring experience as I know not everything is going to be as quick as tonight but hopefully, if I can get out as many times as I would like to this year, it won’t be too long until I am fighting for world titles.” 

‘The Omen’ has landed on the scene and is most certainly one to watch as her career moves forward. With ambitions to challenge the biggest and best fighters that women’s boxing has to offer, Chapman will fly the flag for the future female fighters to sign with Queensbury Promotions and whose big nights will all be captured live on BT Sport.  

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