Taylor vs Serrano: Who Wins?

Taylor vs Serrano: Who Wins?

The biggest fight in women’s boxing history takes place this weekend at Madison Square Garden. Eddie Hearn even claims it is one of the biggest fights he has ever been involved in.

Taylor (20-0) and Serrano (42-1-1) fight for the undisputed lightweight championship of the world and so much more.

It is an all too rare genuine 50/50 fight. SkyBet is also struggling to split the pair. They have Serrano as the 4/5 favourite and Taylor a slight 11/10 betting underdog.

In a poll of fellow fighters, there are clear signs that even their fellow boxers have differing opinions about who wins and how.

The Picks:

Kaye Scott: Serrano on points

Natasha Jonas: Serrano on points

Rachel Ball: Taylor on points

Lauren Parker: Serrano on points

Megan Gordon: Taylor on points or stoppage via body shots

Hanna Hansen: Serrano on points

Lisa Whiteside: Taylor on points

Hannah Baggaley: Taylor on points

Tysie Gallagher: Taylor on points

Nicola Hopewell: Taylor on points

Jane Couch: Taylor late stoppage

Megan Redstall: Taylor in 8

Katie Healy: Taylor on points

Paige Murney: Taylor on points

Bec Connolly: Serrano in 8

Louise Orton: Serrano in 8

Hannah Robinson: Taylor on points

Rianna Doforo: Taylor on points

Viviana Ruiz: Serrano on points

Savannah Marshall: Taylor on points

Dina Thorslund: Taylor on points

Bree Howling: Serrano on points

Shona Whitwell: Taylor in 9

Carly Skelly: Serrano on points

Linzi Buczynskyj: Serrano on points

Jade Taylor: Serrano in 8/9 rounds

Cheyanne O’Neill: Taylor on points

Raven Chapman-Edwards: Serrano on points

Chantelle Cameron: Serrano rounds 7-10

Kirstie Bavington: Serrano on points

Ellie Scotney: Taylor on points

Jordan Barker-Porter: Taylor on points

Caitlin Parker: Taylor on points

Omarah Taylor: Taylor on points

Linn Sandstrom: Taylor on points

Nicola Barke: Taylor on points

Photo Credit: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

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