Skye Nicolson: Empire State of Mind

Skye Nicolson: Empire State of Mind

Saturday night is a pivotal night in women’s boxing history, in truth, in boxing full stop.

A fight that breaks many barriers headlines in the iconic Madison Square Garden in New York. Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano will dance for everything undisputed at lightweight. Even historic probably doesn’t cover the importance of the fight. And the night.

But one part of the opening act will look to solidify her position as one of the best prospects in the sport. Skye Nicolson will square off against Shanecqua Paisley Davis as she looks to improve her professional resume to 3-0.

Nicolson was an elite amateur, Commonwealth Champion in 2018, a World Championship medallist in 2016. Without a restricted build-up and the long period of inactivity due to the Pandemic, Nicolson would likely have won a medal at last year’s delayed Tokyo Olympics. She was a punch or two away from being on the podium despite the many obstacles she had to overcome on her way to Tokyo. Despite the unpaid accolades we probably only saw glimpses of her potential. The Olympic medal dream hasn’t died, merely put on hold as she looks to make her mark on the professional side of the sport.

After two fights and two wins, Nicolson has the look of a fighter with seemingly unlimited potential. Taylor and Serrano quite rightly sit at the top of the card, but Nicolson within the next 18 months will occupy a similarly lofty position. The Australian could be something very special.

I was ringside when Bec Connolly couldn’t land a punch on the Australian in Leeds last month. Nicolson was seriously impressive that night. In a sport of blood of thunder Nicolson showed a different side to the sport, boxing is an art and the Olympian demonstrated that perfectly.

The aim was always to move fast and hard, and she has been true to her word. An impressive debut win over Jessica Juarez early last month set the tone for what lies ahead before that almost flawless display against Connolly raised the bar to another level and the expectations even higher.

Her place on such a prominent card is telling, Eddie Hearn clearly is expecting very big things from the unbeaten featherweight prospect. Hearn is giving his potential new star the big platform to shine.

Nicolson could be eight fights in by the end of the year, and could quite easily be in world title contention by this time next year. If not sooner. There is a touch of class about Nicolson, a unique style, that promises plenty for her run in the professional ranks. There is also a refreshing aim to test herself against fighters with winning records and you sense Nicolson wants to do it the right way and have fights that mean something and ones that will bring out the best in her.

The professional story is still at the embryonic stage, but already the potential is obvious. Nicolson is clearly excited about the prospect of fighting in New York and she is there for a reason. Nicolson isn’t likely to be playing a supporting role for long.

Photo Credit: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

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