Ebanie Bridges Wins The IBF World Bantamweight Title

Ebanie Bridges Wins The IBF World Bantamweight Title

It seemed an unlikely scenario at the start of her incredible journey in boxing that one day Ebanie Bridges would one day become a world champion. But on Saturday night in Leeds, Ebanie Bridges made a fool of out many, and proved plenty as she beat the long-reigning IBF bantamweight champion Maria Cecilia Roman on points over 10 enthralling rounds.

Bridges claimed the title by virtue of one score of a little too wide 100-91 and two cards of 97-93 which were far more accurate and more reflective of the effort Roman gave in a brave effort to save her title.

The Australian star started fast and impressively and the only concern from ringside was that Bridges had given too much too early. But there is no fakeness in the fighting heart of the new IBF champion of the world. Bridges seems to thrive in this type of fight.

Bridges has improved immensely under Mark Tibbs, and the improvements were evident especially in the opening segments of a terrific fight. As some semblance of fatigue set in, Bridges resorted to type and gutted out the win to leave little doubt that the title would change hands.

Roman played her part and didn’t let go of her grip on the IBF belt without offering much resistance to a challenger who just wouldn’t be denied. Bridges was confident of victory all week long, and she has a unique way of making you believe what she says.

Bridges deserves her moment and has overcome much adversity in her life, and much ridicule throughout her boxing career. But Bridges has yet again proved everybody wrong. She knew what she was doing right from the start and she believed where others didn’t. I first interviewed Bridges two years ago, and even then, I felt she had something very few people have. Something you just can’t buy or fake.

It is some story, it seemed impossible to some, but when you blend a vision and hard work, Bridges is living proof of what can be achieved.

Bridges has changed her life forever, and now has a world title that nobody can ever take away from her.

In her post-fight interview Bridges said:

‘Can I fight or fuc.ing what.’ I think even her worst critic would concede that.

Photo Credit: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

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