Eubank Beats Williams On Points

Eubank Beats Williams On Points

It was one-sided, but still somehow unconvincing.

Chris Eubank Jr had Liam Williams on the floor four times, three times in the opening four rounds. But still, his performance left more questions than answers.

Eubank had the dream start, and he looked as though he was about to have that statement making performance his career so badly needs.

Williams had made a decent enough start, before he suffered his first knockdown towards the end of the opening round. And when Williams was on the floor again in the second round, it looked set to be an unlikely early evening for the enigmatic Brighton fighter. If Eubank had forced the early stoppage the narrative would have been very different.

But those early knockdowns in truth, mask the shortcomings Eubank has always had in his career. The poor footwork and balance was evident as the fight progressed, that resulted in an inability to effectively get his own punches off. Williams somehow and bravely recovered from his appalling start to see out the fight before losing heavily on the cards. But make no mistake, Eubank should have finished it long before the end.

Williams lost the fight in those first four rounds, and the points deficit would always be too much to claw back. The Welshman looked so fragile as he suffered repeated knockdowns, the gaunt appearance at the weigh-in seemed to indicate struggles in making weight.

But Williams seemed to grow into the fight, finding his legs and his durability when all seemed lost.

Williams had a good spell, at least in comparison to his dreadful start. From the 5th round onwards Williams started to find some success, before Eubank removed any lingering doubt with another knockdown in the 11th.

The three judges scored it 116-109, 116-108, 117-109 for Eubank. Scores that were perhaps a little harsh on Williams.

Eubank said post-fight:

“I wanted to teach this man a lesson. He’d said some very menacing things to me. I thought, I don’t even wanna knock this guy out in the first round, I wanna punish him. I wanna get people like that out of boxing.”

This observer saw it differently, if Eubank could have taken Williams out, he would have. He should have.

Eubank will look to a world title fight later this year, but on the evidence of his work in Cardiff, he is likely to fall short once again.

Photo Credit: Lawrence Lustig/Boxxer

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