Caroline Dubois Makes It A Sweet Debut

Caroline Dubois Makes It A Sweet Debut

Choosing Sweet Caroline as the walk-out song was perhaps a touch predictable, but equally a sign of what will undoubtedly come. Caroline Dubois has the look of a fighter that is destined for the very top.

Vaida Masiokaite the tough gatekeeper of women’s boxing, did what she nearly always does in going the distance, but Dubois won with the minimum of fuss, and her professional career is now up and running.

The 60-54 verdict hides plenty, a thoroughly dominant performance and even this early the class is obvious.

At 21, and after her relative disappointment in Tokyo, there was much expectation that Dubois would continue her amateur career until Paris in 2024. But Dubois decided to join the revolution in the professional ranks and it is difficult to see her decision not being a successful one.

Dubois conceded she rushed her work a little, understandably so at her big coming out party in Cardiff, but her night’s work was still immensely impressive. It wasn’t a statement type performance, more a little glimpse of what lies ahead.

The plan is to return in March, but Dubois has time on her side to develop her style and skills. There is no rush, but Dubois already has the look of a future world champion.

Boxxer promoter Ben Shalom says Dubois is destined to become “the next face of women’s boxing,” he might be right.

Photo Credit: Nick Potts/PA Images via Getty Images

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