Smith Stops Fowler In 8

Smith Stops Fowler In 8

The script was predictable, Liam Smith too seasoned for an Anthony Fowler who was jumping levels on a night that careers could have capitulated or ended.

Smith was always the fighter who would finish strong and eradicate any good work from his brave but ultimately outgunned opponent. Smith was the more durable, the one you knew who could take more when it mattered most. Fights are decided in the most basic manner.

Fowler played his part in a fight that lived up to all the hype and in the early stages he looked the likely winner. The sold out crowd in Liverpool were quiet as the script looked like being ripped up in those absorbing early minutes.

Smith had the look of an ageing fighter who would have one of those nights where he had just slowed down just enough to swing the balance against him. He was cut early and looked as though he would crumble in front of his heavily passionate faithful.

But Smith has been here many times before, and has he gradually found his rhythm, the fight had the look of when, and not if, Smith would win.

A big right hand straight down the pipe in the 5th dropped Fowler heavily and the tide had swung, and despite his best efforts, Fowler was never likely to bridge the gap in class, durability and experience. Smith is the fighter more suited to the pro game, it’s that simple.

Fowler was brave and never stopped trying to stop the inevitable, but Smith would not be denied. The end came in the 8th when Fowler was dropped for a second time, Smith did the expected, but Fowler, even in defeat, gave some hope that he could one day compete on this stage again.

Smith is world class, Fowler a little below. Harsh, but true. Smith deserves a bigger fight, Fowler has to find what he is missing. 

Photo Credit: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

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