Lara Warrington Rematch Ends In Technical Draw

Lara Warrington Rematch Ends In Technical Draw

It wasn’t a fight about titles, it was a fight about redemption, survival and a career to save. It is now a case of unfinished business for Josh Warrington and Mauricio Lara.

An accidental headbutt in the 2nd round which caused a cut over Lara’s left eye that was deemed bad enough for the fight to be stopped and declared a technical draw.

It wasn’t the definitive conclusion both fighters or the red-hot 20,000 vocal faithful deserved.

The fight was just getting started, and even though Warrington was having the better of the brutal exchanges, neither fighter can realistically claim with any degree of certainty that they would have emerged the winner. Premature doesn’t even cover it.

This wasn’t the Warrington we saw earlier this year, this looked like the Warrington of old. Last time in that subdued behind closed doors setting, Warrington fought without fear and respect for his big punching Mexican opponent and paid the ultimate price and a lot of big plans went up in smoke on that winter’s night in London.

Warrington was sharper, but make no mistake, Lara was still very much in the fight when the proceedings were halted after two pulsating rounds. It was tense, everyone knowing that just one punch from Lara could swing the fight his way, and almost certainly end the career of the former IBF featherweight champion. It was that kind of fight, that kind of night.

They will no doubt do it all over again early next year, which will put Warrington and the money and legacy fights on hold for even longer. A frustrating time for the Leeds hero on a night where he wanted to get back what he lost in February.

Photo Credit: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

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