Bridges Edges Past Gangloff

Bridges Edges Past Gangloff

Scoring will always be subjective, it’s just the way judging fights can be. Close fights can be scored differently, but there is a big difference between a close fight going one way to cries of blatant robbery when it goes against how one person might see it.

The robbery claims were in full voice last night after Ebanie Bridges squeezed past Mailys Gangloff last night in Leeds on the big Mauricio Lara and Josh Warrington show.

Bridges got the nod by virtue of a 77-76 scoreline, a wafer thin margin, that for me anyway, was a true reflection of what transpired. It was a good hard-fought close contest, nothing more.

After a solid powerful start it got incredibly tough for the Australian as she battled through a likely broken hand to edge through by the narrowest of margins.

The damage occurred in the 2nd round, and you could visibly see Bridges wince in pain whenever she landed the right hand. Bravely she kept on throwing it, fighting through the obvious discomfort to keep her world title ambitions on track.

From ringside, I scored it 5-3 in rounds to Bridges, and on second viewing, I scored it the exact same way. I don’t see it as a robbery, and I would say the same if Gangloff had edged it or if it was declared a draw. Scoring can be like that, robbery it most certainly wasn’t.

I thought Bridges landed the cleaner harder shots, and Bridges doesn’t get the credit for her defensive work. I just thought overall she edged it.

When Bridges fought Shannon Courtenay I had it 6-4 for Courtenay on the night, but watching it back even though I had it more or less the same way, I could see how it could have quite easily been scored a draw. I certainly didn’t see it as wide for Courtenay the way the judges did. But again it’s a subjective opinion, there is a difference between that and shouting robbery.

I always had a suspicion that the Gangloff fight would be a lot closer than many thought it would be. The odds always looked way off the mark to me.

Bridges not only battled through the hand injury, but she also blew her calf early in the fight, and you could see there was something wrong. This wasn’t the Bridges who fought Bec Connolly, some of it was clearly down to Gangloff, who boxed well after a shaky start. But there was a feeling, injury aside, it was a fight too many for Bridges.

I’m rarely a lover of fighters making a too quick turnaround after a fight. However easily a fight has gone, the training camp for it would have left damage to the body, the body needs rest and recovery. Bridges has gone straight back into camp after the Connolly fight, eventually it catches up with you. The Gangloff fight was her fourth fight this year, with very little rest in-between.

The hand injury will now enforce an extended layoff for Bridges, which undoubtedly will frustrate a fighter who will literally fight every week if she could. But despite the protests of some, Bridges has made significant progress this year, and once she has fully healed, that progress will be rewarded with a likely world title shot next year. After the close call last night, an old rival might now be tempted to share a ring with Bridges again.

Photo Credit: PA

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