Dillian Whyte Gets His Revenge

Dillian Whyte Gets His Revenge

Dillian Whyte got his revenge in Gibraltar, in a rematch without the drama we normally see in a Whyte fight.

Alexander Povetkin looked his age from the early seconds of the contest, all the years of fighting seemed to catch up with him, and maybe even his recent battle with a certain virus. Devoid of balance, timing and punch resistance, Povetkin never remotely looked like repeating what he did in August.

Povetkin was down and rescued at the 2:39 point of the 4th round, and surely his days are over as a serious contender at the top of the heavyweight division.

Whyte boxed with an understandable degree of caution, but was always in control and the win puts him back in contention for the world heavyweight title. How long he must wait for his long-awaited shot, will depend on Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua and the politics of his sport. Whyte has to wait and hope.

The dice might have to be rolled again, and at 34, there are only so many times he will get away with it. Time is not on his side.

The world title fight might not happen this year, and fights with the likes of Deontay Wilder or Andy Ruiz Jr are more viable immediate options. Both those fights are winnable but equally dangerous, the old-school attitude could once again be his downfall.

Whyte had his career on the line in Gibraltar, and deserves credit for his performance. The lessons were learned from the first fight and Whyte didn’t get careless and let Povetkin get close enough to repeat his previous success.

The manner of the victory was impressive in many ways, and Whyte will hope that sooner rather than later he gets his chance at the ultimate prize.

Photo Credit: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

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