Campbell Hatton Wins On Points

Campbell Hatton Wins On Points

The comparisons will be there for his entire career, that is something Campbell Hatton will have to live with. At times those comparisons will be difficult to live up to, an unnecessary pressure that will at times be unhelpful.

Hatton is chasing many things, replicating the success of his father will be difficult, even reaching anywhere near the levels his uncle managed, will take some doing.

Hatton is ambitious, believes he can go all the way and has been handed a platform that will give him every opportunity to achieve those dreams.

The journey started tonight in Gibraltar with a win. Jesus Ruiz was beaten on points over 4 rounds, Hatton won every round, against an opponent who is now without a win in 11 professional contests.

Hatton was very raw, a little eager to impress on his debut, but he will learn. There is enough of a base to work on, but he needs time and probably plenty of it. With little experience of any kind he can’t be rushed, matching Hatton will be difficult.

Learning on the job with the maximum exposure has its benefits, but the criticism will come regardless of how he develops over the next few years. Having a few fights out of the spotlight would probably serve him better.

Hatton will get better, tonight was the start, where it ends time will tell. The patented family body shots were evident, the crowd pleasing aggressive style also. The flaws are obvious, time hopefully, will fine tune the work in progress.

It would be wrong to be over critical so early in his career, he is still a boy trying to compete in a world where he will need to be matched extremely carefully for the foreseeable future.

Photo Credit: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

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