Jon Jones Calls For His Release From UFC Contract

Jon Jones Calls For His Release From UFC Contract

By Ross Markey

Reigning UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon ‘Bones’ Jones has called for his release from his promotional contract, in a heated Twitter tirade this evening.

The Rochester native has been involved in a bitter rivalry with UFC president, Dana White over the course of the week – after he explained how the promotional failed to offer him a pay increase ahead of a potential heavyweight debut against Francis Ngannou – in a pairing he labelled, a “superfight”.

Today ahead of UFC Fight Night Las Vegas tomorrow evening at the UFC APEX facility, the aforementioned, White – revealed Jones had asked for a fight purse, equivalent to former heavyweight boxing champion, Deontay ‘The Bronze Bomber’ Wilder – a sum in the region of $30 million.

In a series of tweets tonight on his official account, Jones refuted the claims from White about a $30 million fight purse – before calling for his UFC release.

“If you’re going to stick to these lies, I’m going to stick to defending myself. Please have your lawyer Hunter Campbell release those text messages.”

The Jackson-Wink MMA mainstay then called White, a “liar” – before explaining how he’d settle for half of Wilder’s purse for a pairing with Ngannou.

“Don’t be a f**king liar, my reputation has already taking enough hits. I don’t need this bulls**t Dana (White). I never asked for Diante Wilder’s numbers. And how about since Diante is making 30 million, we settle for half of that. Since you said I’m the goat and everything.”

The 32-year-old two-time light heavyweight best asked for his release from his UFC contract – explaining how “some promoter somewhere will be more than happy to pick me up.”

“I don’t even make half of half of what Diante Wilder makes. If my reputation causes you to undervalue me this much. Just go ahead and release me from my @Ufc contract altogether. I’m sure some promoter somewhere will be more than happy to pick me up.”

Jones then compared his pay as UFC champion, to the pay his brothers, Arthur, and Chandler made during their stints in the NFL.

“And if I wanted to compare money to someone else, I would compare money to my brothers. I see firsthand the way the NFL treats their champion athletes, there’s a huge difference. I’ve kept my mouth shut my entire career.”

Finally, Jones reiterated how he never mentioned a number or $30 million during initial negotiations. The look-see-do fighter told how he would make $5 million plus per Octagon outing, but couldn’t fathom why he should stick to that purse if he takes a clash with Ngannou for his heavyweight division debut.

“Do I make 5+ per fight yes. Should I stick to that number for my super fights? No. If you don’t agree with me you just don’t know the business. I certainly didn’t ask for 30 (million), never even threw out a number.”

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