From The Vault: Against All Odds

From The Vault: Against All Odds

When Molly McCann has finished with fighting, and releases her autobiography, it could very easily be titled Against All Odds.

Life at times hasn’t been kind to her, but despite everything life has thrown at her, McCann has thrived in all her adversity, nothing seems to get in the way of her destiny.

Rarely have I seen someone so happy in her line of work, and one that has a job description of getting punched in the head, repeatedly.

From the despair of Liverpool to near flawless in Greenville, McCann has come along way since May of last year.

Now riding a two-fight win streak and with a new four-fight UFC contract in hand, McCann will start the next phase of her UFC journey next month in Boston.

McCann will welcome Diana Belbita to the UFC on October 18th, there are better ways to start a new job.

McCann probably deserved a ranked opponent after such an impressive technical display against Ariane Lipski last time out, but there have been no complaints from the Liverpool fighter, when it comes it will come.

McCann admits the old Molly would have let her recent wins go to her head. But now at 29, we are seeing a more mature McCann, inside and outside of the Octagon.

There are obvious dangers in the sport, one punch or an injury can change the trajectory of a career, but patience now, should reap the rewards later down the line.

If the current win streak continues, eventually the UFC will be forced to give McCann the promotional push she will have earned.

It’s not always about the fighting, you often need something extra to get over with the fans, McCann has that with abundance.

You only have to rewind back to Greenville, in less than 15 minutes the Americans were in. Sections of the crowd started to chant her name. McCann said she became an American for the day, I think it was more a case that the crowd became scousers.

The UFC might well have something very special on their hands, McCann could be the complete package.

McCann always seems to have work harder than most, not just for her success, but also for recognition from the MMA community.

After her loss to Gillian Robertson in Liverpool, I read comments that McCann is the worst fighter in UFC history. After her win over Priscila Cachoeira in London, some said the decision was a gift. Then when she dominated Lipski, it was down to Lipski being over-hyped, preconceived perceptions can obviously blind what you actually witness.

A win over Belbita should guarantee McCann a ranked opponent early next year, and there are not many fighters in the top 15 that McCann would look out of place sharing a cage with. As McCann says herself:

“How can you beat someone who never gives up.”

Note: Yet again McCann had to overcome adversity, but suspected food poisoning couldn’t stop her extending her winning streak.

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