Lando Vannata vs Yancy Medeiros: Fight of the Night Contender

Lando Vannata vs Yancy Medeiros: Fight of the Night Contender

By James Lee

With this Saturday’s card in Rio Rancho stacked with fights deemed worthy of pay-per-view status, one going under the radar is a fight between Lando Vannata and Yancy Medeiros that is bound to contest for the fight of the night honour.

The pair have some of the most exciting styles in the sport, with both unpredictable in their attack, as well as providing devastating knockouts. Seeing both men attack each other in their unconventional way could make for a classic.

Both have struggled to capture continuous success in the organisation but have always been dangerous and exciting. The fight isn’t between two of the sport’s best, but it doesn’t have to be. The contest should create an energetic atmosphere with anything possible at any moment throughout the fifteen minutes.

Whether it be Lando Vannata landing a wheel kick knockout or Yancy Medeiros finishing the fight in any way on the feet; something will happen in Albuquerque.

Vannata is a highly-competent striker who can end the fight at any time. Since his debut in 2016, the American has tallied up four performance bonuses with three being fight of the night.

The Hawaiian is similarly no stranger to bonuses, with his fight against Alex Oliveira being one of the best contests in 2017. Despite that, he has several ways he can finish fights, with a mixture of submission and knockout wins across his established record.

The bout has potential to be fight of the night in Rio Rancho despite multiple matchups on the card also looking promising. With both needing a win as well, added intensity exists where truly anything could happen at any time with the pair having an equal chance of leaving with their hand raised.

The fight is scheduled to open the main card which begins at 1am BST this Sunday February 16th.

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