Josh Warrington: Headingley, Unification and America

Josh Warrington: Headingley, Unification and America

By Isaac Martin

The 13th February was the start of a new chapter in the boxing career of Josh Warrington, and the Leeds born fighter had some big plans set out for 2020.

Although the press conference was to introduce the new partnership between Warrington and Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom promotion team, both the fighter and the promoter were visibly excited about what 2020 could bring, starting with big news of a fight that would take place only metres away from the Emerald Headingley Stadium Press conference room.

Hearn stated that he already had the wheels moving on a summer bout for Warrington. The Matchroom sport promoter explained that he’d already spoken to Headlingley stadium about holding a unification fight at the newly revamp home of rugby league side Leeds Rhino’s, this being on the top of the priority list for both promoter and fighter:

‘’It’s very important we fight here in Leeds’’ stated Eddie Hearn. ‘’The absolute focus must be the unification fights. He has been there, seen it and done it all so now it’s time to have the major fights here in this great city.

“All the champions have been on the phone to me and for me the unification fight is the target to finalise over the next two weeks. There is also the focus of the American dream, we know that Kid Galahad is the mandatory and at some point, that is something that Josh will have to focus on but for now the aim is the big fights here in Leeds. It’s what we feel we must deliver for Josh and that is key.’’

The number one featherweight in the world echoed Hearn’s thoughts but as always, he promised the fans he would take them all the way on his journey.

Warrington stated that fans have always been a ‘massive part ‘of his fights and that they create ‘one of best atmospheres in the world’ every fight night.

Warrington then continued and explained about how much his fans probably don’t realise how big a part they play in his fights.

‘‘It’s always a mental battle come fight week; fighters don’t know what they are in for, my support plays a massive part for me because if they take my opponents focus off the fight, even a percentage then it’s more percentage to my favour, towards me winning.’’

Although no official dates were given for the Warrington’s next fight, it can almost be guaranteed that Warrington and his fans will be in for one hell of a ride in 2020.

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