From The Vault: Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Preview 

This popped up as a Facebook memory, nearly two years after the infamous showdown. Chris Mason previewed the fight, and was spot on with his thoughts:

From The Vault: Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Preview

By Chris Mason

Conor McGregor and his impact in the UFC has certainly caught my attention within MMA, a sport I would watch when on but wouldn’t really have called myself a huge fan, however, it can’t be denied Conor has really lit up the UFC in recent years and I am sure he has created many cross-over fans from boxing and other contact sports.

Its almost impossible not to like Conor and his huge personality, and no one can deny he certainly knows how to sell a fight and definitely isn’t scared of a challenge and more importantly is a class act in his genre.

Now when I talk about Floyd it couldn’t be more the polar opposite apart from the later, a genius in his field, a true master of his art, but sadly for Conor personality doesn’t win fights, skills do, and on this occasion he is well out of his depth, in deep water and any other boxing superlatives you want to use.

We keep hearing from those who give Conor every chance is that he’s a southpaw, and Floyd finds it hard with southpaws, this is a fighter who is 49-0 unbeaten at every weight he’s operated at, fought every style, and lets not forget apart from Castillo in their first fight, he dominated most, a defensive genius who has been rarely buzzed in his entire career amateur or pro.

So how does Floyd win this fight? by simply doing what he does best, box. Conor won’t have seen anything like Floyd at any point of his career, he won’t have seen the angles or speed, timing and most of all distance control.

The fundamentals of boxing and MMA/Kickboxing are totally different and no more so than the stance and this amongst other things will be the most exposed.

Conor’s stance is very wide and thats something thats been drilled into him over the years, this will leave him exposed as he either attempts to counter punch Floyd or ends up falling in as he attacks.

I hate the word impossible in sport, but I am afraid on this occasion its very apt, two athletes both elite in their sporting fields, like Mo Farah and Usain Bolt, both operate on a track, both run, both totally different disciplines.

I personally think it gives great exposure to both sports and both men, both will earn a fortune, but I hope this doesn’t set a precedent for the future, boxing doesn’t need the UFC and the UFC under the genius guidance of Dana White certainly doesn’t need boxing.

The one recurring theme of the debate by those who think Conor wins is that he hits like a truck, well I am not so sure, whilst in the octagon the fighters wear 4oz gloves, which more than anything probably protects the knuckles more than the fighters on the end of them, yet he rarely knocks fighters out!

What I make reference to is those that are a sleep before their head hits the canvas

Most of his stoppages are from the follow up after taking his opponent off their feet, no doubt he carries some pop but with 4oz gloves he should do.

Now Floyds ability to hold a shot is not up for debate, and with 10z gloves Conor’s power will be possibly that of a B level fighter, and as we’ve heard when discussing Floyd you can hit what you can’t see and Floyds chin is rarely on show.

I hope both fighters come out safe and wealthy, will I be buying the fight on PPV, absolutley not, I can’t wait for Glolovkin v Canelo, a real fight and one for the purist, but we will discuss that another time.

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