VIP Personalities Enchanted by BRAVE 24: London Action

VIP Personalities Enchanted by BRAVE 24: London Action

BRAVE 24: London was the meeting point of more than 300 influencers, celebrities, politicians, and businessmen, who were at the Copper Box Arena to experience an unforgettable night of fights. The event delivered some of the most exciting MMA action of the year, and the personalities were amazed and delighted to be a part of such a marquee event in the sport’s history.

Reality TV star and MMA fighter Aaron Chalmers knows a thing or two about turning eye-balls to the sport and said he supported BRAVE CF’s mission of empowering MMA and introducing it to a new audience, capable of taking mixed martial arts to a new level.

“This has been a great evening, and all the fighters are putting on a show. This is exactly the type of event that MMA needs to grown here in the UK, and I hope that BRAVE comes back soon to these shores”, said Chalmers, with no pun intended.

Another recognizable name that praised BRAVE 24: London was Paul Daley. The Welterweight star, one the MMA pioneers in Great Britain, also enjoyed the night out and said he saw great things ahead for BRAVE Combat Federation.

“I’ve enjoyed myself very much. The fights were awesome and the event overall delivered very well on its purpose. I’ve watched all the development BRAVE CF has been able to accomplish in such a short period of time, so I only see big things for the promotion ahead.”

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