FightPost Boxer of the Week: Jose Carlos Ramirez

FightPost Boxer of the Week: Jose Carlos Ramirez

By Gary Kittilsen

The 140-pound unification bout between WBO champ Maurice Mighty Mo Hooker, Of Dallas, Texas and Jose Carlos Ramirez of Fresno, California promised to be an action-filled throwback type fight with plenty of toe to action which was almost certainly going to end by knockout.

The fight certainly lived up to the hype, for six rounds the two world champs stood toe to toe and exchanged blistering power shots. It was Ramirez who landed the fight changing shot in the sixth round and then jumped on the wounded Texas native and unleashed a whirlwind of power shots to end the night, capture Hooker’s WBO world title, ruin his Texas homecoming party and take home our Fighter Of The Week award.

It was simply Jose Carlos Ramirez’s night from the first round on things were going his way. As an apparent slip, which was confirmed by replays, was ruled a knockdown and Ramirez was given a 10-8 round in what was an otherwise quiet and even round. He took a lead on the cards and seized the momentum of the fight which carried over into the second round as the shorter Ramirez was able to get on the inside and back Hooker into the ropes and worked the taller Hooker over with a ferocious body attack.

Mighty Mo rallied back in the third round and was able to land his jab at long range and set up big right hands. Ramirez was still able to get to the inside but was eating some good shots.

The two fighters got as good as they gave throughout rounds three through five. The furious body attack by the WBC champ was clearly taking its toll on Hooker and by the middle of the fifth round, he had noticeably less spring in his step and sting in his punches.

Ramirez who could sense his opponent wearing down unleashed a lethal three punch combination that was capped off with a perfectly thrown left hook that snapped the Texans head back and sent him reeling into the ropes. Ramirez, sensing the end was near, jumped on his staggered opponent and unleashed a barrage of power punches that landed with accuracy and caused referee Mark Nelson to step in and call a halt to the bout

Promoter Bob Arum said that his newly minted unified 140-pound champ will have to likely make a mandatory defense of his WBC belt later this year and after that, he would be available to take on the winner of the Regis Prograis vs Josh Taylor fight.

That fight is the finals of the WBSS tournament and will unify the other two major belts in the division. Should Ramirez successfully defend his title and meet up with the Prograis/Taylor winner early next year, the winner will be just the second undisputed 140-pound champ in the four-belt era. Terence Crawford was the other, he pulled off the feat when you unified all four belts by destroying Julius Indongo back in the summer of 2017.

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