An Interview With Shannon Courtenay

An Interview With Shannon Courtenay

By Will Lott

Shannon Courtenay set for return to York Hall

Shannon Courtenay enters the ring for the third time this year on Matchroom’s Next Gen show on Friday. This time the venue is York Hall, a venue Courtenay performed at as an amateur and one where she hopes to put on an explosive performance for the fans.

This fight week has been slightly calmer for the fighters with Shannon mentioning

“We haven’t had to do an open media workout. It’s been more chilled out, I’m really excited, it’s been a great camp and this is the strongest I have been so far.”

At the beginning of her career, Courtenay has not felt the need to know much about her opponents.

“I don’t ask about my opponents. I just get in there. Until I start fighting for titles, I don’t feel I need to know too much because I’ll let them worry about me.”

As is common early on in a career, it will be a late replacement facing her across the ring on Friday night.

With women’s boxing thriving, thanks to the likes of undisputed champions Claressa Shields and Katie Taylor, Eddie Hearn mentioned in the press conference nowadays there is always likely to be at least one female fight on the card. Shannon herself has definitely been a beneficiary of the increased interest in female boxing, in part thanks to the support of Sky Sports and Matchroom Boxing.

“Matchroom is really looking after me. It’s hard as a woman boxer to come through and they really support me. Mason who does the filming for Matchroom really looks after me and so does Eddie. It really is helping a lot.”

After Friday night, Courtenay expects to take a few weeks off for summer before turning her eyes towards the rankings.

“I have had three fights quickly after each other so now it is time to start looking for better opponents which will allow me to showcase my skills to the best of my ability.”

York Hall holds fond memories for Shannon having won a title there as an amateur and she is now set to return with massive support.

“I boxed there for a title against Repton girls so everyone there was from Repton. I had the whole crowd against me but this time I have big support and the crowd is going to be there to support me. The atmosphere will be electric.”

Support will always likely play a role in the early success of a fighter. This has not been an issue for the upcoming fighter from Watford.

“I have always had good people around me so I could sell a lot of tickets but the support for me as a woman has been amazing. You don’t really get that.”

Courtenay will be looking to move to 3-0 on Friday night on the undercard of Conor Benn vs Jussi Koivula.

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