An Interview With Charles Frankham

An Interview With Charles Frankham

By Will Lott

Charles Frankham looking to put on a show

Charles Frankham will fight for the second time in six weeks at York Hall on Friday night having made his debut in Nottingham last month.

“It’s been good but it’s a lot different on the working side as a professional compared to an amateur. This week has been good. I’m obviously a bit nervous but I’ve just got to get through it. Training finished yesterday so now I just have a jog to do later on tonight and then I’m ready.”

Having never fought at York Hall before Frankham is already excited for the event.

“Everyone has told me that the atmosphere is great so I’m really looking forward to it now.”

Early on it is rare for prospects to know much of their opponent and Frankham is no different.

“I’ve never seen him. My trainer has told me about him but I don’t really watch videos.”

Having been slightly unhappy with his debut, Frankham says training hasn’t changed too much in preparation for York Hall.

“A lot of things didn’t really work in the first fight. The guy was too small so I couldn’t really get a lot of my shots off so hopefully this time around he will be a bit taller and I can show the fans more.”

Having mixed with Otha Jones III as an amateur at the World Championships who is also fighting Friday night, Charles said of him

“He’s a great talent and it’s great they (Matchroom) could get both of us on the same show. Hopefully I can get over to America one day as well.”

“It could be a fight later on, a big fight in the future if we stay around the same sort of weights. Hopefully we can get it on one day.”

Until then Charles Frankham must focus on gaining his second win on Friday night so he can progress up the ranks smoothly.

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