Wilder Destroys Breazeale in 137 Seconds

Wilder Destroys Breazeale in 137 Seconds

Deontay Wilder asked for patience for the fights we truly want, but how long are we supposed to wait.

Wilder vs Anthony Joshua should have happened last year, but it is highly unlikely to happen until next year at the earliest.

The Tyson Fury rematch is pretty much on a similar time line, and God only knows when Dillian Whyte will get the mandatory opportunity he has rightfully earned.

Wilder said no doors are closed” and that those fights “are in discussion.”

But Luis Ortiz will probably be up next, and the wait will go on, patience is a virtue, but we are sure as hell being tested. Plenty of appetisers, but where’s the main course.

In 137 seconds at the Barclays Center we learned nothing, not that we realistically expected to do so. Wilder showed he can be hurt, but he has the sort of power that makes everything else that’s gone before irrelevant.

Dominic Breazeale the 4th ranked mandatory lumbered forward in a straight line, flattering to deceive, good intentions but little behind it. The march needed some punches behind it, Wilder could aim and detonate, and he did with devastating consequences.

Breazeale had one moment, he needed more. The beaten challenger protested it was stopped too soon, many will argue it should have been stopped before the first bell.

Wilder is vulnerable but extremely dangerous, better fighters than Breazeale will set more problems, angles and punches coming back for starters.

But whatever critics may say, Wilder always gets the job done, and you couldn’t confidently say Joshua, Fury or Whyte will beat him, it would just be nice to find out.

Photo Credit: Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

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