Cageside Report: Cage Warriors 102

Cageside Report: Cage Warriors 102

By Henry Walter 

James Webb Wins Cage Warriors Middleweight Title but Rhys McKee Steals the Show

James Webb produced one of the best performances of his career to defeat middleweight rival Thomas Robertsen via submission, at the Indigo Arena in the O2, yesterday evening.

Webb always seemed in control of the interesting battle but didn’t have everything his own way against the stubborn Robertsen. Having almost submitted Robertson in round two, Webb made it count in the third.

However the fight of the evening was undoubtedly the brilliant slugfest between lightweights Rhys McKee and Perry Goodwin.

Round one began with McKee seeking to assert his authority with his sharp jab and formidable boxing skills. Goodwin’s sharp counterpunching never made things easy for McKee though and Goodwin seemed to get the better of a close first round.

The bout heated up in the second and both fighters abandoned their defences and let their hands go. Goodwin attempted several takedowns but McKee showed good defence and most of the action took place standing.

The intensity didn’t let up in the third, with both men struggling not to slip over on the blood that had begun to cover much of the canvas.

The finish came quite suddenly in the third round when McKee was able to secure a modified guillotine choke, forcing an exhausted Goodwin to tap.

In the post-fight interview an elated McKee revealed he intended to head to Five Guys with his team for a well deserved burger.

Elsewhere in the lightweight division, Jai Herbert defeated Steve O’Keeffe, successfully finding ways to neutralise O’Keeffe’s grappling before forcing a stoppage.

Earlier on the card Brazilian Joilton Santos caused a stir by defeating Craig White via a well deserved unanimous decision.

In the last of the prelim bouts talented flyweight Sam Creasey used his fast hands and athleticism to take a unanimous decision over a determined Andy Young. Young recovered well after being dropped with a hard Creasey right hand but was always a step behind.

In the preceding bout Brian Bouland beat Cory Tait via a close, but deserved, majority decision.

Londoners Nathan Jones and Brad Wheeler both produced impressive showings on the card, picking up first round wins (Jones’ at welterweight and Wheelers at a 175lb catchweight).

The first pro bout of the evening saw Aidan Stephen beat Kingsley Crawford via a unanimous decision.

Photo: Cage Warriors


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