UFC 232: The Circus Returns

UFC 232: The Circus Returns

We all thought the circus had left town when Conor McGregor and Floyd finished their thing in August last year, but it looks as though the craziness has returned and common sense leaves town in protest.

Jon Jones has failed another USADA test but the substance is from a previous failed test they say, so the show can still go on, but not in Las Vegas, they say he can’t fight there, but wait the show can just move town, California say he is good to go. A little bit of consistency would be nice.

So to accommodate one fighter, 25 others have to be inconvenienced at just 6 days notice, many found out via social media, a courtesy phone call obviously not deemed necessary.

All the media, some with limited budgets, now have to do their thing in another state. All the fans who have booked travel and hotels in Vegas now have to make alternative arrangements, hopefully, any additional cost is reimbursed.

Jones says he is a clean fighter despite the fact that he has served two doping bans, and now demands the benefit of the doubt this time. It makes no difference if Jones deliberately cheated in the past or was just negligent in what he put in his body, by definition as a result of failed drug tests it makes you a cheat.

Whatever thoughts people have over the latest trouble Jones finds himself in, probably depends on your views prior to it. For those that say he’s a blatant cheat, this will be further damming evidence to prove their theory. Those on the other side of the argument will still vehemently defend their man.

Jones might be 100% innocent this time, but equally, his critics are perfectly entitled to think otherwise, has Jones really earned that benefit of the doubt.

The image and legacy of Jones are forever tarnished and all the denials and protests won’t change anything. Whatever his talents are inside the Octagon, everything else around him leaves me simply not caring.

Everyone is entitled to be given chances to correct past misdemeanours, but how many chances should they be given. With Jones you know or at the very least think trouble won’t be that far behind, its just a matter of time.


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