Whyte v Chisora II – The Rematch

Whyte v Chisora II – The Rematch

By Aidan O’Connor 

Last week it was announced that Dillian Whyte would face off once again with Dereck Chisora in December. This came as no surprise to fight fans as tensions have been building ever since the last fight, with Chisora featuring on both of Whyte’s fights against Lucas Browne and also the bout with Joseph Parker.

The first fight of these huge heavyweights came on the undercard of Anthony Joshua vs Eric Molina and was supposed to have the British Heavyweight Title on the line but after the antics from both parties at the press conferences the British Boxing Board of Control determined that this fight would not be a title fight. In the gloves are off with Johnny Nelson, Chisora was talking trash to Whyte across the table and eventually it came to blows after Chisora was shouting “Who is the donkey” and then threw a glass of water in the face of Whyte causing the security to split the two up and end the recording. This would not be the last of the antics though as Chisora lost his cool in a press conference in the build up and threw a table at Dillian Whyte. This rivalry was more than boxing, these two hated each other.

In the first fight both men really did leave everything in the ring, an absolute slug fest with both of them fighting their heart out. Whyte coming out on top with the decision but only by a slim margin. Chisora went into the fight as an ever so slight underdog but held his own throughout, rocking Whyte numerous times whilst also taking shots himself. It was one of the most entertaining battles we have seen in recent years within the heavyweight division and we knew, as soon as the final bell had gone, we would have a rematch.

Eddie Hearn from the day of the first fight right up until the announcement showed that he wanted the rematch and that he knew the fans wanted the rematch but it would prove difficult as Dillian Whyte was lined up to fight ‘Bigger and Better’ fighters. He would not even entertain the idea of a rematch as he felt there was nothing in it for him and he would not benefit in any way. On numerous occasions with Kugan Casius on IFL TV he stated that Chisora was washed up, finished and that he was aiming for the rematch with Joshua and was willing to beat the best to get that chance again. After impressive victories against Lucas Browne and Joseph Parker, it looked almost set that Whyte would fight AJ in April so for some people the announcement of Whyte v Chisora 2 came as a shock, but the news was more than welcomed by the british boxing fans.

If this fight is going to be anything like the first bout, then fight fans are in for a treat as both fighters will not hesitate to once again leave it all in the ring. You can also expect the build up to this fight to be just as entertaining as the first.

My personal opinion on this fight is that I feel Whyte deserves a title shot, I feel that for some reason the fight with AJ isn’t being made and that is potentially because Deontay Wilder has been holding the progression up by ducking AJ (If that is the case) and now he is to fight Fury which realistically sets up the next title shot with AJ to unify the belts. I do however like the way that Eddie Hearn and Matchroom has listened to what the fans have said, taken on board the feedback from the first fight and decided to re-run this.

Personally I feel Whyte will come out on top, he’s faster and for me a more well-rounded boxer but as the same as any other fight, if you have knockout power, you’ve got just as much chance so this one could be anyone’s.


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