UFC 230: FightPost Main Card Predictions

UFC 230: FightPost Main Card Predictions

By Emma J Bramford

The FightPost team have made their Main Card predictions for UFC 230. Which is being held on November 3rd at Madison Square Garden in New York.

The team have Adesanya as the only clean sweep, as for the rest of the card Cormier, Weidman and Branch take a good 90% and the team are split 50/50 in the Roberson/Marshman fight.


Daniel Cormier (251.2) vs. Derrick Lewis (264.6)

Ronaldo Souza (185.4) vs. Chris Weidman (186)

David Branch (185.6) vs. Jared Cannonier (184.8)

Jack Marshman (185.4) vs. Karl Roberson (184.6)

Israel Adesanya (184.8) vs. Derek Brunson (185.8)


FightPost: Cormier, Weidman, Branch, Roberson, Adesanya

Dan McConnell: Cormier, Souza, Branch, Marshman, Adesanya

Andy Hickey: Cormier, Weidman, Branch, Roberson, Adesanya

Kieran Cobley: Lewis, Weidman, Branch, Marshman, Adesanya

Emma J Bramford: Cormier, Weidman, Branch, Marshman, Adesanya

Jon Prentice: Cormier, Weidman, Branch, Roberson, Adesanya

Eduardo Ramon: Cormier, Weidman, Branch, Roberson, Adesanya

Sandi Martin:

Aidan O’Connor: Cormier, Weidman, Cannonier, Marshman, Adesanya

Alex Conway: Cormier, Souza, Branch, Roberson, Adesanya

Nick Long: Cormier, Weidman, Branch, Marshman, Adesanya

Deaglan Heading:

Leigh Dent: Cormier, Weidman, Branch, Roberson, Adesanya

Jake Adkin: Cormier, Weidman, Branch, Marshman, Adesanya

Dylan Jones: Cormier, Weidman, Branch, Marshman, Adesanya

Myles Hutton: Cormier, Weidman, Branch, Roberson, Adesanya






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