Chuck Liddell: A Comeback Nobody Needs

Chuck Liddell: A Comeback Nobody Needs

Chuck Liddell hasn’t stepped inside a cage since 2010 when Rich Franklin knocked him out, to find his last win you have to go back further in time to UFC 79 in 2007 and his win over Wanderlei Silva.

Liddell the former UFC light heavyweight champion announced his retirement after the loss to Franklin, and most of us thought, hoped that would be it.

But now Oscar De La Hoya who hopes to get into the MMA business is said to be finalising contracts with Liddell and hopes to put on the trilogy fight with the also retired Tito Ortiz.


Liddell now 48 lost his last 3 fights with the UFC all by stoppage and went 1-5 in his last 6 fights, and Dana White said he would never fight in the UFC again after the Franklin fight.

Bellator did similar fights when Scott Coker took over, Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock the obvious comparison, which harmed the promotion in the long-term.

From a De La Hoya perspective I can understand getting legends of the sport involved puts bums on seats, but who really wants to see near fighters nearing 50 go at it again. Short term it might prove profitable, but long-term he will need a lot more than this.

There is a reason why Liddell retired and nothing has changed, in my opinion he shouldn’t be fighting and hopefully nothing comes of it, but as we know money talks.

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