Nicola Hopewell: “It feels amazing to have my debut at Sheffield United.”

Nicola Hopewell: “It feels amazing to have my debut at Sheffield United.”

“Good things come to those who wait.”

It might not be on the famous hallowed turf, but the green green grass of home will be close enough to tug more than a few heartstrings for Nicola Hopewell.

Hopewell will make her long-awaited professional debut proper live on Fightzone at the home of her beloved Sheffield United on Friday, August 26th. For the Worksop super-flyweight prospect, it is the perfect debut:

“It feels amazing to have my debut at Sheffield United. I couldn’t have wished for a better venue for my debut I’ve always dreamed of fighting there.”

The process to get her British Boxing Board of Control licence did in truth, take a little longer than planned, and a proposed debut earlier this month in her hometown of Worksop was shelved because of the delay. But Hopewell is now ready to go and unleash all her frustrations on whoever is in the opposite corner next month.

“It seems to have taken forever and there has been a lot of waiting around but I feel good to go now and I can’t wait to get going again. It’s been a long wait but everything is falling into place now.”

Hopewell hasn’t forgotten her roots, but once the painful, but much-needed decision to move on from the old was reached, it was a case of looking forward and not back. A new beginning in a world that Hopewell has said is a whole new level, but the die-hard Blade is excited, and not daunted for what lies ahead:

“Yes, it feels like a brand new start, I’ll never forget my background but now is the time for a new start. It is time to test myself and time for a chance at bigger opportunities.”

Hopewell has said she is the happiest and the fittest she has ever been. In many ways, she is in the perfect place for her first steps into her new world. No excuses, no regrets. You sense August 26th really is just the beginning.

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