Paddy Pimblett Moves To 3-0 In The UFC

Paddy Pimblett Moves To 3-0 In The UFC

There are echoes of the early days of Conor McGregor. The same type of hype and expectation that McGregor enjoyed in those embryonic stages of his spectacular initial run. McGregor went on to become a true superstar of his sport. Make no mistake, Paddy Pimblett is on the same type of trajectory.

Pimblett has the look of a fighter who could develop into something very special. He just has something very fighters have. The charisma you can’t buy or fake. And where it matters the most, inside the cage, he could very well emulate the Irish superstar.

Yes, there are flaws, which adds to the show. But Pimblett says he is far better than what he has shown so far in his UFC career. If so, the journey could end with UFC gold. And more.

But Pimblett, despite his own harsh self-critique, has delivered in his three UFC fights so far. Yet again, he had to overcome early adversity tonight at the O2 Arena in London. Jordan Leavitt came to fight. He came to win. And for much of the opening round, he threatened to spoil the Pimblett party.

But the tide turned towards the end of the opening round. Leavitt survived numerous submission attempts to dominate the opening round with his wrestling skills. But Pimblett turned the tide in the final 30 seconds, and could have finished with a little more time.

Leavitt showed signs of fatigue, and when Pimblett negated more of Leavitt’s wrestling work and took his opponent’s back. The end always looked like coming. And quickly. The tap came at the 2:46 point of the second round.

Pimblett (19-3) is already on his way to becoming the biggest star in the UFC. He wants to fight at his beloved Anfield. Dana White should let him. And why not share that stage with one Conor McGregor.

Photo Credit: UFC/Zuffa

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