Nicola Hopewell: British Boxing Board of Control Licence Approved

Nicola Hopewell: British Boxing Board of Control Licence Approved

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” Leo Tolstoy

It’s been a long time coming, too long, but finally, Nicola Hopewell has received the news she has been waiting for.

Every week for what seems like an eternity, Hopewell has been lying in wait for the news that her application for a British Boxing Board of Control licence has been approved. There were tears and plenty of them with periods of frustration, doubt and motivation waning before the email of confirmation and much happiness, and relief came through on Tuesday.

It’s been hard over the last few months for Hopewell as deadlines and promises came and went without reward, prompting fears that the word rejected would be seen. Training, under those circumstances, has been difficult, impossible even at times. Thoughts of her time being wasted, and seeing her teammates selling tickets for their upcoming fights only adding to her woes. But despite the green light not being forthcoming, the last few weeks have been a little easier when whispers of positivity began to slowly filter through.

There has been much hype around Worksop’s Hopewell for some time. Her unbeaten run in BIBA prompted many calls to leave for pastures new, and with difficult decisions reached in many ways, Hopewell took the plunge early in the new year. And finally, Hopewell is now ready to go.

There is far more to Hopewell than her time in BIBA, her amateur career always promised plenty, and at 30, the Worksop super-flyweight still has time to reach her potential. Trust me, she will be moved very quickly.

Fight news is imminent, it might come incredibly quickly if an opponent can be found in time for a pending date. But thankfully, sooner rather later, Hopewell will make her professional debut proper. In many ways, a new beginning. Hopewell has always had that dream of being on the same card as her friend Ebanie Bridges. That dream has now moved a little closer.

Not long ago in the middle of all the frustration and more, Hopewell said: “I can’t wait to punch someone.” Very soon, she will get to do exactly that.

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