Chisora Beats Pulev On Points

Chisora Beats Pulev On Points

Derek Chisora has given us many memorable unforgettable nights. The hope is, that in later life, he will be able to remember them.

The rematch between Chisora and Kubrat Pulev was labelled by some the unwanted sequel, and when many thought it would be decided by who had more left, expectations were naturally very low. But the more concerning narrative was around Chisora and should he still be fighting period.

There is an obvious lingering uncomfortable feeling that Chisora is heading towards an uncertain future. There is a limit to what any fighter can take before the punches received never leave an ageing body. The worry is, that Chisora is already past the point of no return. One eye on the future probably isn’t enough at this point.

Chisora 38, will do what he wants, he always has, but there is a time when it has to stop when enough is enough. And the sport should be doing more to hasten that call. Chisora might not thank them now. But he may in a few years’ time.

It was a rematch very few wanted, it had more than an air of the uncomfortable. Two proud old fighters fighting from memory, and in relatively slow motion. You admired the guts but worry about what lies ahead. It was messy and entertaining in equal measure. But entertainment isn’t always healthy.

Chisora beat Pulev on a split-decision at the O2 Arena in London, and the worry now is that once again he will be pushed to a level that will do him serious harm in the years to come. Chisora wants no easy fights and even asked for Deontay Wilder post-fight. In many ways, his words are deeply concerning. For all his limitations, Wilder has the sort of power that knocks people back to reality. But Wilder or not, Chisora will undoubtedly be steered to one final painful dance. Or more.

Pulev boxed well behind his jab at times, but his punches lacked any real snap and the heavier shots of Chisora saw him home by way of scores of 116-114, 116-112, 112-116. It could have gone either way, a draw wouldn’t have looked out of place.

Pulev at 41, couldn’t seem to pull the trigger and Chisora seemed to be fighting fatigue from the 2nd round, but somehow, he kept the old body from falling apart and snap his three-fight losing streak. Make no mistake, both fighters need to retire. And now. All the cheerleaders asking for more, do they think at what cost.

Chisora fights on, and tonight was even more miles on the clock. The clock can never be turned back, the effects of a long career will be irreversible. The brave relentless fighter served up his usual blood and guts display, but the hard-earned victory is probably the last thing he needed.

Photo Credit: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

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