Eddie Hearn, Matchroom Sport Chairman:

“Good afternoon everyone. Welcome to London. Big fight feels ahead of ‘Total Carnage’ this Saturday night at the incredible O2 Arena, live on DAZN around the world. This man Derek Chisora faces off against Kubrat Pulev in a huge Heavyweight matchup with an incredible undercard ready to go for your entertainment. We’re going to talk to everybody up here on the top table and the bottom table as well as we get ready for a big night at The O2.”

Derek Chisora:

“Let’s all be honest. I don’t know how many press conferences I’ve done in the past. It’s all the same talk to be honest with you. ‘Yes I have trained hard, I’ve hit the bag harder, I’ve sparred harder and I’ve done everything harder’. How many fights have I had? 45 fights. It’s the same chat. I just want to fight. We can all sit here and say, ‘I’ve trained hard and I’ve done this and done that’, it doesn’t really matter for me. All I want to do is just put my gumshield on, put my gloves on, walk out to the ring and fight. That’s all I want to do. I’m just excited for Saturday. My whole point right now is just bringing big fights, entertaining the fans and just doing what I like to do. I’m not tired, I’m just tired of your bullsh*t basically (to Pulev). I’ll be honest with you, if you’re a boxer and you don’t have the confidence then you’re in the wrong business. Mike Tyson always says everyone has a plan until they get hit. All the fighters here have a plan. Everybody wants to win their fight. It’s all about that last edge, who wants to go to the other end. That’s it. It’s all about when the bell goes and you know what time it is. My style is ‘f**ck it’, bite on the gumshield and let’s f****ing go for it. That’s what I’m bringing. I’m bringing that. This is what I love. You know what my plan is already. You know exactly what to expect. From the get-go we are going – there’s no two ways about it. I make myself go. Whatever he wants to do he can do. I think you (Pulev) beat me because we were in Germany, let’s be honest. Don’t worry about me. Just worry about yourself.”

Kubrat Pulev:

“I’m sure in myself. I believe in myself. I don’t talk so much. I talk real and I’m honest. I just talk the truth. My team and I have had amazing preparation for this fight. We had very hard training in Bulgaria. We are ready for the rematch with Derek Chisora. I took this rematch because everybody needs a second chance. That’s why man to man I’ve given him a second chance. For the people it’s going to be a really interesting fight because there’s a lot of history behind this fight. We have old history and now we will see who is better than before. It’s very interesting. He has his style; my style is a little bit different. We’re going to see on Saturday who has changed. This is very important. My style is very precise. I like to work like a doctor or a professor. Every punch precise. This is sport, Heavyweight boxing. It’s not just billiards or something like that. Nobody can say what is going to happen. That’s why boxing is so interesting. I’m sure I am very good and very strong, and I have a lot of power and energy. Every round is going to be difficult for Derek Chisora. I’ve come here for the win. Now is a different situation because I see him, and he’s made good changes. I think he is smarter than before. He’s more balanced than before. It means he’s maybe better and I must be careful about that. He’s a stronger opponent than before. For me it’s very important and I think for him it’s also very important. That’s why we give everything and that’s why I’m sure he will give everything. It’s going to be a great fight. One of us must win. I hope the judges and the referee are honest. He says this is war but for me this is not war – I don’t hate him.”

Photo Credit: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

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