Aaron Chalmers Wins On His Boxing Debut

Aaron Chalmers Wins On His Boxing Debut

With age comes maturity and responsibilities. With the old party celebrity lifestyle a thing of the past, Aaron Chalmers has left many things behind.

The Geordie Shore days have gone, and so are his aspirations as an MMA fighter. Make no mistake, despite many naysayers and a couple of defeats, his Mixed Martial Arts career was anything but a disaster. But there was always a feeling he was better suited to the Noble Art, and last night in Liverpool, Chalmers got his new career up and running.

There must have been a touch of the nerves and some ring rust to shed in the open stages of his bout with the veteran journeyman Alexander Zeledon. But once Chalmers settled down, he looked as good as anyone could realistically expect from his background on his professional debut. The former reality star boxed a little too tall and he looked a little stiff at times, but overall it was a more than satisfactory debut for Chalmers. There were even brief flirtations that Chalmers might even stop his game opponent in the 3rd round, but in 30 odd fights, Zeledon has learned how to survive. The 39-37 decision for Chalmers after four rounds came as no surprise.

As he did in his MMA run, Chalmers will get the predictable criticism and critique on Social Media and beyond. But he has that name from another world and will get opportunities on the back of it. Nobody can blame Chalmers for accepting them. There is a love for fighting developed from the early days fighting on the cobbles and is now living the life of a fighter, Chalmers deserves praise for that at the very least. Chalmers is a family man now, the drinking to excess has given way to a realisation he had to change his old habits. Without a drink in 18 months, Chalmers is giving himself the best opportunity to get what he can out of his new sport.

Chalmers is talking about wanting to fight the likes of Jake Paul and Tommy Fury, targets that are both smart and realistic in equal measure. At 35, Chalmers will want to maximise his time in boxing, the YouTube route could be the way to go.

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