Skye Nicolson Press Conference Quotes:

Skye Nicolson Press Conference Quotes:

The unbeaten Australian Skye Nicolson returns home to have her fifth professional outing. Nicolson, will have her first ten round fight and challenge for her first title in September on the undercard of Liam Paro vs Brock Jarvis.

Skye Nicolson:

“I’m really excited. I said from the start I really want to bring my pro fights home to Australia. Obviously having that experience, having two fights in the US and two fights in the UK, it’s perfect timing to have that first title fight here on home soil.

“I feel like one thing that is missing from Australian boxing, we’ve definitely got the talent, but they’re just not fighting each other and I think this main event is a perfect example of what we need to do, we just need to see the best in Australia fight the best in Australia, that’s where we’re going to get those exciting nights. I’m really excited for the extra rounds. I feel like I barely get out of 2nd gear in six rounders so I think we’ll definitely see more excitement as the rounds go on. I’m very excited for a ten rounder.”

Photo Credit: Matchroom Boxing/Darren Burns

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