Skye Nicolson Eases Past Gabriela Bouvier

Skye Nicolson Eases Past Gabriela Bouvier

It was comfortable again for Sky Nicolson. For those who demand blood and thunder, maybe a little too comfortable. But sometimes you have to appreciate what you see.

Nicolson eased impressively to a points victory over the former world champion Uruguay’s Gabriela Bouvier. The referee scored it 80-72, which was the only scorecard anyone could have reasonably come up with.

With 4 fights in 91 days, and now 4-0 as a professional, Nicolson will now take a well-deserved rest before a return to action in September possibly in a Commonwealth title fight in Australia.

Nicolson admitted she felt a little flat despite cruising to her latest victory in Wales. One fight too many, but the class was apparent nonetheless. The former Olympian is a serious prospect, and will almost certainly be advanced to world level early in 2023.

Bouvier hasn’t fought in 3 years and is in truth several pounds over her prime fighting weight, but she still gave the Australian prospect at least some problems to solve. A decent test, nothing more. But a worthwhile one. You can’t buy experience. Bouvier had that.

There is that fine balance of winning at the expense of entertainment, but boxing is an art, and Nicolson demonstrates that her sport has another way. Hit and not be hit is the basic idea, Nicolson does it to perfection.

The critics will say she doesn’t sit down on her punches or throw enough combinations, but while tonight wasn’t Nicolson at her best, we saw a little more in those areas in her previous fight against Shanecqua Paisley Davis on the undercard of Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano. Nicolson is still adapting to the professional ranks, but she is a fighter of some talent, that even now, will be incredibly hard to beat. Nicolson seems to fight in first gear, which some will critique too harshly, but it indicates what is still to come. As good as she has looked so far, Nicolson is nowhere near the finished article yet.

Nicolson is technically brilliant, she understands and controls the distance extremely well, and is very difficult to hit. Bouvier had fleeting success against her, but that is all she had. Like the three previous opponents, Bouvier found it a frustrating experience sharing a ring with the unbeaten featherweight prospect.

The rest will do Nicolson good, the start of her professional journey has been a busy one, but even this early in her career, she has gained enough experience to set her up for what lies ahead.

The featherweight division carries more depth than most of the women’s divisions but from what we have seen so far, Nicolson has every reason to be confident that a world title is well within her reach.

Photo Credit: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

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