Nicolson vs Bouvier Press Conference Quotes

Nicolson vs Bouvier Press Conference Quotes

Skye Nicolson:

“The plan was always to have a really active start and Matchroom has definitely delivered. I’m very grateful for that. I’m excited for the step up. I’m not afraid of a challenge. I hope she brings a challenge for me. I want to have a real fight and I want to be in a real fight. Like I’ve said from the start, I think that’s when you’re going to see the best version of me. I feel like we’re making great improvements every time we fight. Having these back to back fights and having that time with Eddie in the gym has been perfect for me. We’re seeing those improvements and adapting to the pro style. I think we’re going to see the same again in this fight.”

Gabriela Bouvier:

“Well firstly thank you very much for the invite to be here Eddie. It’s a privilege to be here and I’m very happy to take on Skye in this bout. As you know I’ve had quite a lengthy career, both as an amateur and a pro and I’m hoping that this weekend is going to be an opportunity to show that I’ve got it.”

Photo Credit: Mark Robinson/,Matchroom Boxing

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