Kell Brook Announces His Retirement

Kell Brook Announces His Retirement

Not many fighters leave the sport with a win or on their own terms. A sport that is so heavily addictive, many a fighter find it hard to let go for a multitude of reasons. But hopefully, Kell Brook is one of the few.

Brook announcing his retirement came as some surprise especially as talk of a fight with Chris Eubank Jr was in the air until very recently, but calling time on a career that perhaps didn’t quite reach the heights it should have is a wise call. And hopefully, the decision is final.

In an interview for The Telegraph, Brook said:

“I’ve had a long chat with my family and my parents, and it’s over for me. I’ll never box again.

“It’s a little emotional to be actually saying this out loud. My mum is relieved. I think everyone around me is pleased.

“Truth is, boxing is a very, very tough, dangerous sport, one in which you can be legally killed in the ring, and I’ve finished now with all my faculties intact.”

Brook bows out on a high and on the most satisfying win of his career. Brook chased Amir Khan long and hard, and when his rival finally had nowhere else to go, the Sheffield fighter finally had what he wanted.

There was often a lack of discipline and a failure to land the defining fight when he was at the peak of his career left many in the sport feeling what might have been. Despite winning the IBF welterweight title from Shawn Porter on American soil in 2014 there is more than a hint of he could have achieved so much more. But the win over Porter looks even better now than it did at the time. That was Brook at his finest.

But Brook was some fighter despite not quite reaching the levels he should have. Only the extremely talented duo Errol Spence Jr and Terence Crawford beat him at his natural weight, and both fights in truth, came too late in the day for Brook. The only other loss Brook suffered was in a badly advised move to middleweight when Gennady Golovkin showed him that weight divisions exist for a reason. But even in the defeats to Spence and Golovkin, Brook still showed his own immense talents.

Brook leaves the sport with a 40-3 resume, and the win over Khan in February is a fitting finalie to go out on, and hopefully, any temptations for one final dance are ignored.

Photo Credit: Lawrence Lustig/Boxxer

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