Skye Nicolson: New Sensation

Skye Nicolson: New Sensation

Skye Nicolson walked out to the thumping sound of Inxs, and she couldn’t have picked a better walk-out song.

As New Sensation faded into a memory Nicolson went to work and again exhibited what a supreme talent she undoubtedly is. Shanecqua Paisley Davis was the latest opponent to find that even hitting the Australian is easier said than done. Blessed with the natural length, Nicolson is able to control distance with some comfort.

Nicolson demonstrated a little more in her third professional outing. There was far more spite in her punches, a little more flat-footed but still showing great lateral movement. The transformation into a world-class professional fighter is coming along, and at pace.

Davis was dropped by a straight left near the end of the 6th round, and was a wide loser on the cards by way of unanimous 60-53 scorecards. Nicolson got the first knockdown of her professional career tonight in New York. The first stoppage victory won’t be far away. Make no mistake, Nicolson was seriously impressive. Again.

Three fights in fifty seven days shows intent, she is unlikely to relent on her busy schedule. Nicolson has the look of a special fighter, and she will be a hard fighter to hold back. And beat.

Photo Credit: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

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