Fury Stops Whyte In 6 Rounds

Fury Stops Whyte In 6 Rounds

Tyson Fury was as near perfection as you can get. A difficult fight on paper made ridiculously easy in reality.

Dillian Whyte needed to get close, and stay there. He didn’t and the fight was anything but close. Fury was simply brilliant. Sometimes it it’s that simple.

Whyte wasn’t in it, and the stunning uppercut in the 6th round put him out of his misery. Whyte waited a long time for his opportunity and when it came it came too late and against the wrong opponent. In many ways, Fury was all wrong for him.

Fury controlled the distance and therefore the fight from the opening seconds. Until the sudden one punch finish Fury only needed his jab. Whyte came out southpaw looking to confuse his opponent. In truth, he probably just confused himself. Whyte needed a good start, fighting southpaw decreased the chances for Whyte to get what he needed so badly.

The challenger was outgunned, outclassed, and never once looked likely to change the trajectory of the fight. It wasn’t a fight it was a masterpiece of a performance from the champion.

Fury retained his WBC heavyweight title in some style, and there was a gulf in class that was apparent from the start. As they often say, there are levels. Unfortunately for Whyte, Fury proved that point.

Whyte looked slow, lethargic even, swinging in hope rather than conviction. But Fury made him look that way. There is no getting away from it, it was a stunning performance. There was little drama, it was a matter of when and not if, Fury would get the job done.

It will be a difficult rebuild for Whyte, his big night was a total disaster. It looked a competitive fight, a dangerous fight even pre-fight, but it was so comfortable for Fury. In comparison, Whyte looked cumbersome, one-paced and in truth, out of his depth. Fury was just on another level. Whyte will hope Fury does decide there is life after boxing.

The retirement talk was again in the air post-fight, but may retire and will retire are two different things. But if Fury does walk away, which I seriously doubt, he will do so on perhaps his greatest ever performance.

It was a strange night, a poor undercard promised little, and lived up to that billing. But the 94,000 fans at Wembley Stadium will make their way home in awe of the incredible performance that they witnessed. The unbeaten Fury has proved he is the best heavyweight of his generation, and by some distance.

Photo Credit: Queensberry Promotions

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