Bree Wright: “I want to make a statement to try and inspire the next generation.”

Bree Wright: “I want to make a statement to try and inspire the next generation.”

By Will Lott

When I spoke to Bree Wright a couple of months ago, she had just received her professional licence and had signed on with One Empire Management but was waiting on a date for her debut. Now she has one, and on 20th May, Bree will become the first female professional boxer from Sheffield.

The fight will be held at the home of her beloved Sheffield United, Bramall Lane.

“My training has been going perfectly. I’m just absolutely buzzing to start my journey. I know I’m doing everything I need to in the gym. I have different types of sparring sessions. My coach makes sure I’m ticking all the boxes in my preparation. I do two sessions a day. I run every morning which varies between sprints and long-distance runs. I then train every evening for two to two and a half hours which also varies between sparring and normal sessions with pads and strength and conditioning. I do that twice a day, six times a week.”

As with the start of most professional sports careers, there are bound to be nerves as the fight date nears but Bree isn’t going to let those nerves affect her enjoyment of the sport.

“It’s a big opportunity for me to shine and I want to take it with both hands so I’m just training as hard as I possibly can. There’s bound to be a few nerves with how it is being built but I’m here to enjoy myself. It’s what I do and it’s what saved me so I’m just going to embrace it. I’m going to put all that hard work into action.” 

A dream will have been reborn in Bree with the news her debut will be hosted at Bramall Lane.

“It couldn’t have been at a better venue because I love Sheffield United. I used to go to all their matches when I was younger, not so much now because I work but it’s close to my heart. One of my friends passed last year and he was a big United fan so it’s special to me this one. I’ve always said I’d love to fill United’s ground.” A wish that hopefully will be fulfilled in the future.

As is evident when speaking to Bree, she’s happy to talk and that will certainly bode well ahead of her first fight week.

“I could talk to an orange about an apple. I’ll talk to anyone. I won’t be having any time off. I’ll be straight back in the gym but for now, I’m only focussing on this fight.”

As mentioned earlier, Bree will make history as the first female fighter from Sheffield and that is something that is certainly not lost on her.

“I want to make a statement to try and inspire the next generation or others who need help to show you can achieve something. I’m not going to put any pressure on myself. People attending the show are mostly people I know, people that are familiar with me. It’s an opportunity for new people to have conversations about me saying things like “did you see that girl from Sheffield?” Hopefully, when I get this debut out the way and this win, people will be able to see I’m going to achieve for Sheffield as well.”

As with anything, preparation is key and that certainly hasn’t been a problem for Bree.

“I’ve got the will to win. I’ve left no stone unturned. I’ve done everything my coach has asked of me. The structure of boxing just works for me.”  

Bree makes her professional debut on Friday, May 20th at Bramall Lane in Sheffield on a show promoted by Stefy Bull and Ryan Rhodes.

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