Bec Connolly: Born To Fight

Bec Connolly: Born To Fight

It will be another tough night at the office for Bec Connolly in Leeds on Saturday night. But for Connolly, it’s nothing new, she’s been here many times before. In many ways, Connolly was born to fight.

Connolly is protective of her status in the sport. She doesn’t want to be labelled as just the opponent without hope. She will come to win, but the long odds indicate the punches will be thrown more in hope of victory rather than belief. Being in the ‘away’ corner you are expected to lose, but Connolly still hopes that on this type of stage she will still get to have her moment.

Every prospect in various weight divisions is seemingly tasked with having to go through Connolly before their careers advance in another direction. There is probably an acceptance she isn’t among the elite but Connolly has formed a unique position in the sport where those that are elite have to get past her to prove it.

The resume is filled with past, present and potential future world champions. Natasha Jonas, Terri Harper, Rachel Ball, Ellie Scotney, Ramla Ali, Ebanie Bridges and others have shared a ring with Connolly. Saturday night will be no different.

Connolly will get to dance with a former Olympian who looks set for a career of multiple world titles. Skye Nicolson makes her UK debut in only her second professional fight. Nicolson has real class and potential, the American pro debut and her amateur career promise plenty. She could be the best prospect in the sport.

But Connolly will be there for different reasons. Life is constantly hard, the smile that never leaves hides the incredibly tough life Connolly has had to endure. There is an untold story that one day will come out. A fighter, a person who deserves better.

Boxing is her work, it pays the bills, Connolly needs to fight. She has been fighting her whole life. Despite the 3-11 record, Connolly still retains some semblance of ambition, still searching for the elusive and unlikely win that changes her career trajectory. Win, lose or draw Connolly never lets anyone down and is more than value for money. There is a reason why the phone rings requesting her services. Even against Nicolson, she will serve her purpose.

Connolly is the type of fighter who is underappreciated by the masses. The sport wouldn’t survive without the likes of Connolly. The record might lead you to an assumption of the perceived obvious, but Connolly has had to take many a fight at the wrong time and at the wrong weight. Not everything is at it seems.

The fight with Nicolson is the start of a busy schedule for Connolly. A rescheduled fight with another top prospect Nina Hughes is next, and another fight is planned for soon after. There is a necessity to fight and often, a family to feed, rent to pay, Connolly is a born survivor. If anyone deserves a break, it’s her.

Photo Credit: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

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