Paddy & Molly: London Is Conquered

Paddy & Molly: London Is Conquered

If Dana White didn’t know what he has on his hands, he most certainly does now.

Paddy Pimblett has the look of a superstar, a rare bend of charismatic crossover skills inside and outside of the cage. There is that feeling, that surge of momentum we haven’t seen since the early days of Conor McGregor.

Pimblett boldly talks of stadiums, after two fights in the UFC, and two 1st round finishes, he is well on his way.

The early adversity seems set in stone, as does the recovery to victory. Pimblett showed at UFC London his bread and butter to submit Kazula Vargas at the 3:49 point of the opening round. Once Pimblett locked in the choke after surviving the early scare, it was only a matter of time before the tap would come.

Pimblett landed in the UFC with much fanfare, and so far, he has exceeded on all the hype that seems to surround his every move.

His ‘big sister’ Molly McCann celebrated with Pimblett, and she set the tone of the evening with her sensational victory over Luana Carolina on probably the best ever UFC card we have yet seen on UK soil.

McCann dominated before unleashing a spinning elbow from hell that knocked Carolina unconscious just before the two-minute mark of the 3rd round. Trust me, it was something special. McCann kept her momentum going in the right direction, and the former Cage Warriors champion recorded her first UFC finish in the process.

McCann is a hard fighter not to love, impossible not to invest your emotions in. Nobody will begrudge McCann her moment.

The UFC return to Liverpool will be hastened, and Pimblett might be right, he needs somewhere bigger to demonstrate what he brings. Anfield might seem a stretch, Pimblett sees it as inevitable.

Pimblett are McCann are cut from the same cloth, they have been through so much together. Tonight, they will celebrate together.

Photo Credit: Zuffa/UFC

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