Skye Nicolson: More Than A Touch Of Class

Skye Nicolson: More Than A Touch Of Class

Skye Nicolson gave herself a 7/10 for her performance on her professional debut. On a performance that had more than a touch of class, her personal self-evaluation reflects her own expectations, and equally, what we should expect as her career advances.

The official scores of 60-54, 59-55, and 60-54 reflected the dominance of the victory. Although this observer fails to see how any of the rounds could have been scored for her game opponent. Jessica Juarez, the previously unbeaten opponent served her purpose on a night where the immensely talented Australian gave us a little taste of what is to come.

Nicolson made her debut on American soil but will make her next ring walk in Leeds on March 26th, sharing a card with her fellow Australian Ebanie Bridges who will attempt to dethrone the long-reigning IBF bantamweight titleholder, Maria Cecilia Roman.

The plan was to be active this year, and Nicolson is being true to her word with a relatively quick turnaround. Except more of the same going forward. Another fight in April is probable with a few more air miles gathered in the process.

With the ever-expanding ranks in women’s boxing, there is a danger some fighters might get lost in the crowd, but Nicolson is unlikely to suffer such a fate. The southpaw brings plenty to the table to make her stand out from the majority of her contemporaries. Nicolson isn’t here to be just part of the scene or have a career of just treading water. The plan is world titles and leaving a legacy. The ambitions are high, but they look realistic.

After the tears and disappointment from Tokyo, Nicolson needed something more in her career to reinvigorate a career that was heading towards staleness. Nicolson has most certainly found what she needed. The six-rounder in Leeds will be her introduction to the UK fans, they are unlikely to be disappointed with what they see.

The fight with Bec Connolly will likely set the tone for an evening that seemingly can’t fail to deliver in action or atmosphere. Connolly will bring the usual commitment, her reasons for being there are very different to the Australian. She won’t let anyone down, least of all herself. Both will get out of the fight what they need.

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