Jamie Webster: Moments

Jamie Webster: Moments

When you have a government that is so far removed from what most of us have to deal with in our daily lives, you need working-class heroes to shine a light on the often forgotten working class. Liverpool’s Jamie Webster is one such person.

Liverpool is no stranger to the reality of a Conservative government. In another time, the city was forgotten, punished even for straying off the chosen narrative. But even a Thatcher led Tory government couldn’t kill it, a managed decline followed by a rise from the rubble. Liverpool is a fighting city in many ways. As Webster says himself, when they tried to knock them down they stood up tall.

Webster, the Liverpool FC fanatic singer songwriter, comes with no pretentious intentions. He is labelled the people’s poet for a reason. Proud of his working-class values and someone who won’t forget where he came from, Webster is very much a singer of the day. And a much-needed one.

‘This city will forever be my saving grace
So no matter where I am
I’ll raise a glass to this place
So, raise a glass to this place’

The lyrics from This Place, a standout track from his 2020 debut Top 10 album ‘We Get By’ epitomises where his loyalties will always lie. A refreshing change from the fakeness of some of his contemporaries.

‘My city, my people, my heart,’ Webster will never swerve from his roots.

But as good as the first album was Webster needed to deliver again and more on the follow-up. ‘Moments’ goes up several levels, and far exceeds his debut offering.

Released at the end of January, Moments charted at number 3 and connects where it needs to, and more than serves its intended purpose. The former electrician says he is an OK singer, he is anything but OK or ordinary. The voice is powerful and gives even greater depth to his lyrics.

In many ways, ‘Davey Kane’, ‘North End Kid’ and ‘Going Out’ are probably the highlights of the album, but in truth, there are no lows. The writing is heartfelt, beautiful in it’s simplicity.

It is difficult to find artists and songs with real soul, real meaning, far too many choose the safe generic way, Webster is a throwback to another time. And you sense he is only getting started and has plenty more in his locker. Not enough artists use their platforms to raise issues around social awareness or to try and make a real difference. The voice for the man on the street has perhaps never been louder. He deserves a bigger platform.

The music industry needs more people like Webster. But thankfully, the young man won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. ‘Moments’ is out now and comes highly recommended.

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