Jack Catterall Denied On A Night Of Shame

Jack Catterall Denied On A Night Of Shame

It wasn’t controversial. It was just wrong.

Josh Taylor might claim he beat Jack Catterall to retain his undisputed super-lightweight titles, but he clearly didn’t. It was embarrassing and another shameful night for British boxing.

Taylor retained his titles by way of scores of 112-113, 113-112 and a beyond belief 114-111. With scoring like that, General Custer would have won the Battle of Little Bighorn by split-decision. Trust me, it was that bad.

Judges are paid to fight the rightful winner of a fight, but too many times they get it badly wrong. On Saturday night in Scotland, they got it wrong yet again.

Catterall gave the performance of his life and should be celebrating a famous win. But boxing did it again.

Taylor said he thought he won the fight which was clearly absurd, Catterall swiftly left the ring, understandably disgusted with the scoring. He deserved better.

With the various points deductions equalled out, and the knockdown the champion suffered in the 8th round, I had Taylor down by 5 points. And I had it closer than most.

The usual excuses will be made about the subjective nature of scoring, but this wasn’t such a night. Taylor lost, sometimes it’s that simple.

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