Natasha Jonas A World Champion At Last

Natasha Jonas A World Champion At Last

It always had the look of a special night. There might be those that want to critique the opportunity that was given or try to cheapen the victory by nature of an opponent that came in at short notice. But whatever the criticism, that had nothing to do with Natasha Jonas who was simply brilliant on a night where she simply had to deliver.

The previous close calls would have counted for nothing if Jonas had failed to win a world title at the third and almost certainly her final opportunity. Defeat in Manchester would surely have been the end of the road.

Jonas has always wanted to say she was a world champion, and she did it in stunning style, stopping the normally durable Chris Namus in two sensational rounds. It had the look of a distance fight. Jonas had other ideas.

If there was any doubt that the power wouldn’t be effective at the higher weight that notion was dissolved incredibly quickly. Namus was dropped heavily the near the end of the opening round, and the bell only served as a temporary relief for the Uruguayan fighter.

Probably with the Terri Harper fight in her thoughts, where after hurting Harper in the 8th round, Jonas failed to finish the job, this time, Jonas didn’t make the same mistake. It took just 28 seconds for Jonas to floor Namus again and crown herself the new WBO super-welterweight champion of the world.

At 37, Jonas shows no signs of slowing down and a potential unification fight with Hannah Rankin could be next. But the manner of the victory could open doors nearer her natural fighting weight. All of a sudden, the Liverpool fighter has options and plenty of them.

But Jonas will be in no rush to decide her future, she should be allowed to celebrate and enjoy her moment. It’s been a long time coming, and Jonas must have thought it would never happen. But the greater the struggle the greater the reward, Jonas now has her reward, her precious world title.

The warm and heavy applause when Jonas came back into the hotel, says everything. A special moment on a truly special night.

Photo Credit: Lawrence Lustig/Boxxer

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